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This article is for all the wonderful people who want to master their communication skills. The second class of the Learn Digital Marketing Internship Program was conducted on the 23-05-2020. It was an engaging session with discussions happening on Girlfriends, Fortuner, Mercedes Benz, and a lot of other topics. Mr. Deepak the presenter of the course was really funny thus making the session very engaging. Now let us understand Customer Avatars in detail.

The Key takeaways of the session are listed below.

  1. Learn – Do – Teach
  2. Mistakes are future-benefits
  3. What is marketing?
  4. Being authentic to better communicate
  5. Who is a better marketer?
  6. Who is your audience?
  7. Define target customer
  8. Focus on the center and not on the edge
  9. Customer Avatar
  10. Awkwardness is an indicator of learning

Now let’s dive #deep into these topics

Learn – Do – Teach

The best way to check if you know a concept is by implementing it and teaching it to others. This is the golden triangle rule to success. We will be doing a webinar to share our knowledge with our fellow interns in future classes. Thanks to Deepak for this opportunity.

Mistakes are future benefits

The more and more mistakes we do, and reflect on the mistakes, it will help us in the future. Not everyone is perfect and so one should go light on himself/herself and learn to be the best version of yourself by avoiding the mistakes made earlier. Iteration is the key to success.

What is marketing?

Marketing is communication and good conversation with one or many people. If you communicate with one person and share your thoughts well then you can always communicate with a group of people well. To achieve good communication fell you are speaking to your friend and try to build trust with your client. The key formulas are

If you cannot converse well 1:1 then you cannot converse well 1:many

Marketing id trust-building with a community, Sales is building trust with one person

Being authentic to better communicate

Do not portray something that you are not. This will not help in building the trust factor, and all disturb the communication pattern. It is ok to have flaws, make mistakes, and willingness to accept those makes you authentic.

Be real not perfect

Who is a better marketer?

When you throw yourself out of your comfort zone every now and then, you gain experience and these people with loads of experience are better marketers. Challenge yourself to get out of your comfort zone and things will turn your way. Meet people, travel, try a new language, and follow your passion to gain experiences.

Who is your audience?

“If everyone is your audience, then no one is your audience.”

Be clear who your target audience are. Have an avatar in mind when you communicate to your audience. This makes communication easy.

Define target customer

Target your audience right. Understand the demographics and psychographics of your audience to better communicate with them. It is ok if a small portion of your target audience lies outside the circle.

Focus on the center

Hit the bullseye by communicating with your customer avatar and worry less about the people outside the circle. One on One conversation and sequenced style of writing holds the key to success. As you move away from the center it will dilute our objective.

Customer Avatar

A customer avatar is a process of defining your target audience based on his/her demographic, psychographic, and other choices. This will help us to communicate to one single person and also sequence the flow of thoughts. One can define a customer avatar by requesting the target audience to fill the customer avatar survey developed using google forms. This form will help us to collect demographic and psychographic details about our avatar and the insights will help us to engage the avatar better.

Click here to view my customer avatar survey form

My Customer Avatar 1 is Mr. Manishankar Bharathwaj. He is a male, aged between 25 to 30, living in Bangalore, who has completed his Graduate program and is a Proprietor of Manishankar Pharma Products, who loves to travel once a year and likes to read fiction books.

My Customer Avatar 2 is Mr. Ramesh Sharma. He is a male, aged between 45 to 54, living in Pune, who has completed his Post Graduate Program and is a Private Banker, who loves to travel once a year and likes to reads classical drama books.

Awkwardness is an indicator of learning

Feeling awkward while doing something new is an indicator of learning. Try to break regular pattern and travel through a different new route to overcome the awkwardness. Always challenge what you already know and try to find new path to do the job efficiently.

Create new path in your neural network

Happy Learning


Venkatesh G Handigol.

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