DINACHARYA: Daily regime for a healthy life – Part 4

In the earlies blog post, we discussed how to clean our teeth to be followed in our Daily regime for a healthy life. Let us continue from there.

Jihwanirlekhana (How to clean your tongue)

Soon after cleaning of teeth, one should go for the tongue or Jihwanirlekhana. Here jihva refers to the tongue, nirlekhana refers to scrapping action. After cleaning the teeth, the tongue also has to be cleaned simultaneously.

It prevents:

  • bad odor
  • tastelessness
  • coating of tongue.

After this one should wash the mouth with water.

Use of Kavala and gandusha:

In the present era, soon after scrapping of the tongue, people use mouth freshener liquids to provide relief from bad breath, and also to increase the saliva. Whereas Ayurveda believes in usage of Kavala and gandusha.

What is kavala and gandusha?

Gandusha: oil pulling

Oil Pulling involves the use of natural oils to clean and detoxify the oral cavity. Here the medicine is retained and later spitted out.

Action: The oil which we swish around in our mouth mixes with the saliva. Lipids in the oil pull out toxins from the oral cavity. As the oil is swished around the teeth, gums, and tongue the oil continues to absorb toxins from Saliva and various glands in our mouth. Antibacterial properties of oils used in this practice also kill various germs inside the oral cavity.

When to stop:

  • oil usually ends up turning thin, viscous, and white after swishing inside our mouth.
  • Once the oil has reached this consistency, it should be spat out.

Some oils which can be used are

Sesame oilStrengthens jaws
Adds taste to food
Prevents toothache
Ghee and milktreats ulcers
burning sensation
heals the wounds due to foreign body
honeyremove sliminess of mouth
removes burning sensation
reduces thirst
quick healing of ulcers.

Kavala: gargling

Here decoction of different plant extracts is used for gargling. It is similar to mouth freshener liquids. The liquids should be half-filled in the mouth and gargled, later spitted out from the mouth.

Commonly used preparations are:

  • Hot water and salt
  • Triphala with hot water


  • strengthens teeth, gums, and jaws.
  • Prevents disorders of teeth, such as gingivitis, ulcers, etc.
  • Cures bleeding gums.
  • Prevents dryness of lips, throat, tongue.
  • excess salivation is prevented
  • cures diseases of throat, mouth.
  • Prevents bad breath.

Ref: https://www.ayurvedatreatments.co.in/ayurvedatreatments/

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